Today’s topic: Messy action and doing what is uncomfortable.

Olivia Scholz, aka Agent O here! In case we have not already met, I help businesses go from struggling with frequent cash flow crunches to having enough cash in the bank to survive the ups and downs of a typical business.


Did you know that statistics show that 1 in 2 businesses fail within the first 5 years? I have found this is NOT because the business owners are “bad at business” but because they do not have a profit strategy in place. That is why I created Agent O’s Clarity to Profit Method to teach small business owners how to finally be and stay profitable.

That is why I advocate to take messy action and doing what is uncomfortable.

I get it. I have this conversation all the time with clients. They are embarrassed to show me their numbers. Whether I'm doing a QuickBooks cleanup-catchup or I am revising their chart of accounts or gathering their financial data to start working on a custom executive dashboard, these are the types of things clients say to me:

  • I am embarrassed for you to see my numbers.
  • It’s such a mess. I am sure that this is the worst that you have seen.
  • I was really busy this year.
  • I lost my bookkeeper earlier this year.
  • I thought our sales would be better this year.
  • I am so disorganized. I am a mess!
  • I just do not know where to begin.
  • Please don’t judge me.
  • Help

To me, this is silly! If your numbers were perfect, they would not need me. I am here for a reason. It is going to be ok.


Everybody has their gifts! My gift happens to be software and numbers. I love numbers. I love learning new software. I literally dream and think in spreadsheets. I love all the things related to budgets, finances, forecasting, profit and loss statements, QuickBooks, you name it. This is my passion. This is my gift.

But I have my struggles too. For example, I do not like to cook. And I am terrible at it. I don’t like to craft because I hate getting messy and making a mess. I am terrible at art because I cannot draw worth a darn. These things are not my gifts. And I am ok with that. But, sometimes it is my turn to cook, so I do the uncomfortable thing and take messy action anyway.

Boost Profit and Reach Your Financial Goals. Take messy action! Max profit in your business so you can reach your financial goals with Agent O.
Cooking is not my gift!

Just like you, many of my clients went into business to feed their passions. Things like carpentry, horticulture, cooking, and painting. In other words, not because they loved QuickBooks, spreadsheets, or filing your sales tax reports.

So what about you? I’d love to have a conversation about how you started in business and where your passion lies. I would love to help you bring peace and clarity to your finances. I have all sorts of resources for you. Let’s start with a FREE discovery call.

By hiring me to help you with optimizing finances, you can free up your mental space, your time, and your energy to do what you do best.


SO, do not be afraid to show me your numbers! Let’s open your QuickBooks and see the chaos because that's what I'm here for! No more sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the finance side of your business. The time to take messy action and get uncomfortable is NOW!

Why Agent O? Because my clients say I’m their “secret weapon”. I am a Profit Strategist who helps frustrated brick-and-mortar business owners to:

👉 Make better decisions

👉 Worry less

👉 Bring in more profit

👉 Sleep easier at night

👉 Delegate to their team faster

And did I mention more profit?!