We Can and Should Do "Hard Things"

I hate going to the Dentist office!

The sound of the water drill pierces my ears…

The bright lights in my eyes… 

The scraping against my teeth…🦷 🤕

That constant sucking sound from the vacuum hose jammed in my mouth…


My hands are gripping the armrests.

My blood pressure is rising.

I am literally reminding myself to breathe.


I will be back in six months without fail.


So why do I visit the dentist every six months? Like clockwork? Never fail? Even during Covid?


Because while I HATE going to the Dentist, I LOVE the results.


Good oral health is connected to good overall health.
Plus, I am free of pain and discomfort.


To me, 1 hour of pain every 6 months is a good trade for peace of mind all year long.


So let me ask you a question, is this how you feel about your company’s finances? Are you dodging and ducking your company’s numbers? 😮


Do you think “I’ll just make a big sale this week to cover that upcoming bill.”?


Do you just leave the “number work” to the bookkeeper?
Are you “just focused on sales”?


I get it, business finances may be as fun as a dental checkup to you. You probably did not start your business because you had a passion for QuickBooks, spreadsheets, and financial reports. Maybe taxes scare you and accountants bore you. You are in good company. Most of my clients feel that way.


But just like a visit to your Dentist, short, regular intervals of attention can provide lasting benefits all year long. 


What if I told you that meeting with me for just one hour a month could:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety related to your business finances 😊
  • Create savings that more than covers your investment 💲
  • Provides you a system that will help you solve all your business challenges 🙋‍♀️


You get to stay in your Zone of Genius and do the activities that light you up! The fun stuff that made you want to open your business in the first place.


I help mom-and-pop business owners go from struggling with frequent cash flow crunches to having enough cash in the bank to survive the ups and downs of a typical business. My Clarity to Profit Method teaches small business owners how to finally be and stay profitable.   


Why I like going to the Dentist office even if it hurts! Short term pain brings long term gain.

Does this sound interesting to you?

Can you relate to the idea of avoiding your numbers?

Do you want an easy-to-follow plan to get back on track with your business data while boosting your profit?

Done for You Custom Dashboards for Actionable Insights

You run a business. You want more profit. You know that data-driven decisions are the way to get there.

But...you are overwhelmed by the process.

You wonder how to harness this knowledge effectively and easily.


That's where Agent O Consulting comes in!

A team trained in the art of leading and lagging metrics

A dedicated team with just one job...looking at your metrics

An expert team training you and your employees how to interpret the results

Snapshot of Sample Client Dashboard by Agent O

My team and I specialize in crafting a custom dashboard that presents this financial data in an easy-to-understand format each month.

By integrating leading and lagging metrics from all parts of your business into your custom dashboard, we give you the power to drive your business forward confidently.

So, why not let us collaborate with your team today and ease the load on your in-house accounting professionals? We've got the expertise to make this process seamless.


Let's make informed, data-driven decisions together!

Metric Crash Course Max your Profit and Reach Your Financial Goals

Let's Get Started!

I created this course for busy business owners like yourself you wanted to try this "data analysis" thing on their own.

While I work with clients daily who want someone else to automate this process for them and their teams, I offer this DIY course so that this concept is available to all business owners, even those on small budgets.

I hope that you start today. And, I would LOVE to hear from you about how you implemented this course in your business and what insights you gained from it!

I’m Olivia aka Agent O!

I help your business go from struggling with frequent cash flow crunches to having enough cash in the bank to survive the ups and downs of a typical business.

I found that 1 in 2 businesses fail within the first 5 years NOT because they are “bad at business” but because they do not have a profit strategy in place.

‌I created Agent O’s Clarity to Profit Method to teach small business owners how to finally be and stay profitable.

Boost your business profit with help from Olivia aka Agent O