Why I like going to the Dentist office even if it hurts.

Why I like going to the Dentist office even if it hurts! Short term pain brings long term gain.

We Can and Should Do “Hard Things” I hate going to the Dentist office! The sound of the water drill pierces my ears… The bright lights in my eyes…  The scraping against my teeth…🦷 🤕 That constant sucking sound from the vacuum hose jammed in my mouth…   My hands are gripping the armrests. My…

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Answered: Can’t I Just Do This Myself?

Can I just do it myself?

Answered: Why can’t I just do dashboards myself ? Olivia, I hear you, but I have my own people… A common trait for most successful dashboard clients is the ability to quickly gather reliable financial data about their business. Without access to fast and reliable financial data, a dashboard project becomes more difficult for the…

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Take Messy Action

Boost Profit and Reach Your Financial Goals. Take messy action! Max profit in your business so you can reach your financial goals with Agent O.

Today’s topic: Messy action and doing what is uncomfortable. Olivia Scholz, aka Agent O here! In case we have not already met, I help businesses go from struggling with frequent cash flow crunches to having enough cash in the bank to survive the ups and downs of a typical business.   Did you know that…

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